We are looking for writers! We’re looking for individuals who love music, movies and culture as much as we do and are interested in having their work published on

As a staff writer, you can help us update the site with exclusive and newsworthy articles and reviews of latest in albums, mixtapes, movies and tv shows. We also accept individual pitches, more info on that below.

General Responsibilities

– Write/produce news stories & reviews

– Collaborate with the TFC Staff on various articles and projects

– Learn how to use and navigate a content management system

– Integrate optimal SEO techniques in all articles

– Event Coverage: Depending on your location, we’ll assign the staff to cover local entertainment events.

General Requirements

– 1 post per week minimum (Max: As many as you like.)

– Age 13 years or older (If under 18 years, please make sure your parents/guardians are cool with this.)

– Proficient in English Grammar

– Proficient in using new technologies, web-based platforms and social media networks.

– VERY familiar with both current and past entertainment and pop culture

Submission Requests

We get a ton of emails from up and coming artists wanting to get featured on THEFRESHCOMMITTEE™ and to be honest, we just can’t keep up with all the emails. It’s impossible to check each and everyone.

With that said, we still would like you all to keep the submissions coming. And with the goal of cleaning up our personal inboxes, we’ve set up a new email for music submissions.

So if you don’t already have a relationship with us, please submit your music/videos (with the stipulations below) to the following email: freshsubmissions [at] gmail [dot] com.

– Title: Artist Name (Location)
– Subject: Short bio, style of music, etc.
– No attachments (links only please).

Note: If the email comes back it means a ton of artists just like you are doing the same thing and the inbox is currently full. So be patient, have patience. We will get back to you.



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