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With a dedicated team focused on music, fashion and the arts. The Fresh Committee’s devotion and commitment have made it one of the premier online destinations for editorially driven media news and reviews. We cover a range of topics from music and entertainment to automotive and the latest footwear and streetwear. The Fresh Committee editorial team has sought to make a positive contribution to one of the culture’s most important creative mediums.

The Fresh Committee’s daily news section has become an important destination for those interested in the latest developments on culturally relevant content. Several of the features of our site offer TFC readers with a unique and visually enjoyable experience. Among the most prominent ongoing features include our indie music spotlights and featured interviews (a look into fresh new music acts and up and coming creatives within the industry), The Kammy Awards (our lead reviewer Kam Jenkins rates the best music and artists of the year) and lastly, our In-Depth and Featured Interviews (an intimate look into the lives of music artist, creatives and influencers).

The Fresh Committee grew from the personal project of three seniors in high school back in 2007 to an online publication & media brand working with creative thinkers across the globe with our headquarters in Los Angeles. Today, The Fresh Committee is one of the leading new-media brands for the next generation of Influencers, trendsetters & tastemakers. Producing content across all platforms increasing our international audience in engaging in more cultural content where today’s street culture meets pop culture.

With a leading in-house Marketing & strategy team, our creative agency can offer your business a variety of carefully curated advertising and promotion services focusing specifically on your goals. From online to offline, we provide result-based strategies that can help increase visibility, market reach, and brand recognition. With a network that reaches over 20,000+ Monthly readers, we believe original content gives your brand and company the chance to optimize your reach and capitalize on opportunities. For more information please email us at theteam@thefreshcommittee.com.

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