Premiere: Sir Isaac Sinclair Drops the Introspective Single “Figure It Out”

"Sick of fake 'cuz that **** was gettin depressin"

Today, Los Angeles-based artist Sir Isaac Sinclair released his deeply reflective single “Figure It Out”. The song finds Sir Isaac describing exactly what contributed to his come-up while also giving listeners tidbits of knowledge of what they’re going to have to do to take their own hustles to the next level. You can tell that Sir Isaac is very self-aware and knows his own origin story like the back of his hand in a game where most artists go out of their way to be fake there is a realism in Sir Isaac’s lyrics that makes him an extremely relatable artist. Sir Isaacs sounds at home over the smooth ethereal instrumental on Figure It Out. Press play above to check out “Figure It Out” and follow Sir Isaac on Instagram.

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