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ERT Releases Artistic Visual for “Zoooom”

ERT & GT Films Connect for Psychedelic Visuals

Hailing from Chicago, ERT embodies his city’s energy and spirit with a remarkable sound and melodic point of view. No two melodies ERT delivers sound the same, however, each one is catchy and crisp. By blending trap with cutting-edge drum production, ERT births an invigorating track that strips back the layers of his thoughts.

With production by AyoWithTheMayo, the Babygrande Records rapper definitely delivers over the ethereal instrumental with his continuous melodic flow and clean vocal melodies. “Zoooom” finds ERT contemplating how a woman could deceive him and do him wrong. He paints a theoretical picture with his words through his strong lyricism that comes through more clearly than a 4K video.

Bringing this dream to reality, ERT linked with GT Films for the track’s official music video. The Atlanta-based director manifests ERT’s impressionistic thinking and female woes through a psychedelically-inclined experience. Resembling someone coloring outside the lines, the “Zoooom” video intersperses a variety of trippy devices and contentious scenes with the girl plaguing ERT’s mind to articulate this free-flowing narrative. ERT cathartically navigates these mercurial waters with the help of introspection and marijuana — and, going “Zoooom” in a jaw-dropping one-of-one Ferrari.

With strong production, clean vocals & a catchy hook this one is definitely worth a spin… or two. Press play above to stream “Zoooom”

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