NBA Youngboy – Top Album Review

nba youngboy album review

Name an artist hotter than NBA Youngboy is right now. The Louisiana rapper isn’t new to going viral and releases content and music at a rapid pace. Top is his third number 1 album of his short career. The title only seems fitting.

NBA Youngboy delivers a gritty, unflinching depiction of what happens on the streets and the resulting feelings of depression, trauma and other mental afflictions. His music relates to a younger audience in a way that more seasoned veterans like Drake just can’t.

“Top” features a number of different looks from YoungBoy including his signature catchy hooks and aggressive attuned style. The project does YoungBoy justice in showcasing the sides of him that first helped him gain popularity. Despite his many successes’ “Top” finds NBA Youngboy sounding just as hungry as when he began when he isn’t talking about mistrusting love.

One of the most relatable records on the project, “Reaper’s Child” finds Youngboy pondering whether the women who show interest in him are actually interested or simply after his clout. On the Lil Wayne Assisted track “My Window”, Youngboy paints a paranoid picture in which he finds himself caught in the crosshairs because of his rising stardom. The inner torment on this project is brought to life with photorealism so much so that even on songs like Off Season” which for any other rapper would simply be a materialistic record with a lot of bravado, Youngboy never forgets that he feels he wasn’t ever supposed to be where he’s at today which leads to a deeper connection with listeners. Have you ever accomplished something so great that you weren’t even sure how you accomplished it but that you weren’t going to give up what you’ve achieved? If so then most of this project will relate to you. YoungBoy’s introspective thoughts on conflict and trauma is second to none.

While I have spent much of this review praising YoungBoy for his growth as an artist and strengths as a storyteller, “Top” isn’t a project without flaw. While I appreciate the graphic style of NBA YoungBoy’s music, I understand that it isn’t for everybody. The production on “Top” comes of rather bland and uninspired to be honest with Youngboy often outshining his own beats. The project also comes across repetitive due to the violent nature of Youngboy’s music he’s going to find many ways to say the same thing over and over which is typically relating to what he’s going to do to the opps.

While this isn’t my favorite album this year or among my tops, it is a good release from NBA Youngboy. Youngboy is showing fans that regardless of how big he gets he’s always going to stay true to himself regardless of the outcome and in today’s world that realism has to mean something.

nba youngboy album review
NBA Youngboy – Top Album Review
"Top" is strong outing for NBA Youngboy but poor production keeps this one from making it's mark.
Vocal Performance
NBA Youngboy's Energy
Hype Aggressive Records
Lackluster Production
Poor Autotune Usage
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