Fresh Faces Friday: Eva Rhymes

Fresh Faces Friday: Eva Rhymes

Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Eva Rhymes

The State of Maryland is currently blessing us with some of the best MC’s in the game today. From Jay Royale to Ill Conscious, there’s no question that B’more has more hidden talent than the NBA’s 1996 draft class.

Case in point this week’s featured emcee/songwriter Eva Rhymes. One listen and you will instantly know that Eva she is not your typical hip-hop artist. Her rhymes are daring and surreal, touching on subjects others don’t usually wad into, she can switch up her flow in a split second, and her delivery is competitive.

Most of all she is a fusion of alternative hip-hop and soul that reminds one most of Wu-Tang’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard and a young Missy Elliott, given her boldness and fearlessness to be herself on the mic:

Skills sharp, decapitate your head-a-roll/

Basket catch it like LeBron throws/

You can take it back, get that moon night times/

Get you fucked up, your story on Lifetime/

Devine I is, wit I can, say again, please tell me who you dealing with/

Supreme wisdom, the intervention you need for your system/

I’m a little Amanda Bynes, out my mind, but I’m here to shine/

Already standing out in a sea of cookie cutter impersonators, so long as Eva Rhymes remains true to her original self and continues developing her already stellar songwriting skills, there’s no telling how far she can take her craft.


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