Fresh Faces Friday: Creative Mike The Rapper

Fresh Faces Friday: Creative Mike The Rapper

Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Creative Mike The Rapper

Michael Anthony Loyd Jr. aka Creative Mike The Rapper is an entrepreneur, rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. A real renaissance man that is setting an example as an independent artist/entrepreneur in hip-hop, something that should be saluted!

Creative Mike got his start singing and writing gospel songs at church during his youth, he also tried out the trumpet for a short time but eventually dropped the arts for sports and eventually the military. Before long he came back to his first love – music. He started working on his return solo project – The Black Jesus EP in 2018, which is heavily inspired by his desire to see a change in the way that his community thinks.

The 5 track EP was finally released in January 2020 and proved to be worth the wait:

Once for the kids and twice for the people, we doing things you ain’t dream to/

Black getting rich, breaking chains/

It don’t matter if they don’t know my name/

White people selling my culture, then turn around call me vulgar/

You better watch who you insulting, I can’t say its a threat, its a notice/

The beats bang, the lyrics are poetic, and the subject matter of economic renaissance and vision for the future transcends most of what you will come across in hip-hop today.

With the proven ability to develop ventures as the CEO of the Dope Coffee Company and compose cohesive bodies of work all the same, it will be interesting to see how far Creative Mike the Rapper takes his versatile talents.


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