Fresh Faces Friday: Apokalips The Archangel

Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Apokalips The Archangel

No, this isn’t DC Comics and Apokalips ain’t a planet. Apokalips The Archangel is an MC spitting mad flavor from Queens, New York.

He’s been doing his thing for about eight years in the underground and his subject matter ranges from giving you the gutter to kicking knowledge. Like many of his Queens predecessors such as Kool G Rap and Mic Geronimo, he has great command of the spoken word and can manipulate syllables and accentuate words with ease.

The world getting colder everyday, I can feel it dog/

Come around my way everybody got a hoodie on/

Never run away, stay in your face like a bully dog/

QU mobbing with a shiesty squad/

I’m all in spitting lyrics through the ink of my pen/

Son its a small world, lucky if I see you again/

Listen close to my lyrics, I hope you comprehend/

The American emcee dropped a six track EP with German producer Bjorn Von Kalt back in May titled Night and Day. The beats are funky throughout, most especially on Different Names and the title track Night and Day. Apokalips also spits street savviness punctuated by some powerful punchlines.

There’s a lot to love about East coast hip-hop at the moment and Apokalips The Archangel only adds to it.



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