Fresh Faces Friday: Plex Diamonds

Fresh Faces Friday: Plex Diamonds

Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Plex Diamonds

One of my favorite things to do growing up was read an album’s liner notes which were inserted in the packaging of every cassette, CD, and vinyl record. This is where you learned about the real geniuses who produced, mix & mastered, and wrote a record.

I always came away impressed when I saw an artist’s name riddled across all three credits or at least two out of the three. This is the case with Plex Diamonds who executive produced and wrote all the tracks on his Gotham City: The Album released in June.

His name has been ringing bells ever since, so we had to tap in. From the opening drop of the beat on his Dark Prince intro, we were not disappointed. The Brooklyn MC sets it off with catchy rhyme patterns and gritty punchlines:

Got busta’s watching the dealers/

Dealers watching the cussies/

Cussy watching for five-0 that’s normally trying to cuff me yo/

The black abuser’s soul since she was sweet, from the time she those stupid braces all on her teeth/

Dark humour like Freddy Krueger, machete users/

Don’t let your child play on the block with heavy movers yo/

Be careful who you stick for a P, end up in the alley tell the D’s you got hit by a V/

A convincing debut effort with solid production from The Standouts and Sadhugold among others, with guest features from underground heavyweights like Bub Rock and Rome Streetz. People take note: Plex Diamonds is coming.



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