Fresh Faces Friday: Dosage Hinojosa

Fresh Faces Friday: Dosage Hinojosa

Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Dosage Hinojosa

While mainstream pop culture continues to push the narratives of drugs, drinking, and materialism. The fact remains that America’s inner cities and it’s inhabitants continue their everyday struggle for basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter.

This week’s featured artist Dosage Hinojosa gritty, metaphor laiden, real raps represent this struggle. His mind state is “only God can judge me, thank you for the blessings”.  His dual language raps (English/Espanol) exploring topics of financial stability, wealth creation, his own history, and accumulation of knowledge, set him apart from other basic MC’s.

What’s poppin’, whats a goon to a goblin/

More action than Charles Bronson/

Don Johnson, this is raw content/

More heat than both of those LeBron rings, stop the nonsense/

You outta time, look at the clocks/

You in a crucial conflict, this the final tick, don’t be surprised a bit/

When you see how hot the fires get in the fire pit, rigamortis through your body intoxicate the environment/

On his latest single 30 pages, Dosage and producer Drum N Keyz set it off, showcasing his stellar song-writing abilities over a spine tingling production sample.

Hinojosa educates and expresses himself without coming across as condescending. While the “hip-hop” being shoved down the throat of the youth today stopped having substance a long time ago, its re-assuring to know that the underground and artists like Dosage Hinojosa still speak to the culture.


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