Fresh Faces Friday: Pruven

Fresh Faces Friday: Pruven

Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Pruven

Fresh Faces FridayThis week we’re back in the Bronx! Home of the Yankees, about 1.4 million people and in 1973 the birthplace of hip-hop.

Our Bronx bred by way of Connecticut featured emcee Pruven is a different breed of artist. His intense, layered, thought provoking art will transport you to another time and place no bud needed. Just put the headphones on, press play, and lean back.

His razor sharp tongue, which has been honed through countless hours of beating on his craft, is quintessential hip-hop:

Sedated ambiance/
Hold trance in a song going hard/
Gutter start fuel the heart rude bark making the art about to cough/
Smoking raw piff is hard kingdom bar’s soft jaw cracked from the Czar/
Raw time/
Like a football game in 1909/
Kid’s demise/
Leather helmets you find/
No face mask face broken bad/
Cracked shoulder pads body bag emcee’s tagged/

His latest album Asiatic African Arts pays homage to African cultures with each track separately produced and bearing the soundscape of each producer’s home country. The record also provides a view of modern conflicts in society while presenting solutions. This definitely ain’t that mainstream weirdo rap that some have gotten used to.

With an established body of work, a sound and voice that is his own, Pruven deserves your ear.



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