Fresh Faces Friday: Mark 4ord

Fresh Faces Friday: Mark 4ord

Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Mark 4ord

Fresh Faces FridayWhile talent continues to spring up from all over the map, the East and West coasts respectively continue to churn out up and coming MC’s at a top notch pace.

Case in point, this week’s featured artist Mark 4ord who’s coming straight out of Oxnard, California. With a distinct gruff voice and impressive rhyme skills for a Cali artist, he’s a formidable artist/producer combination.

The gloomy tracks on his latest LP Opioids bring out the best of his relaxed vocals:

Homicides in that city sun/

Got a uwi-wop for opposition, they eluding huh/

Fuck a Gavin Newsome/

Pistol grip, pound of beef when they catch you snoozing/

Smoking trees with shadow wax, coughing in the Cadillac, eyes catching cataracts/

The loops are creative, the rhymes funky, and the production is polished.

The combination of 4ord’s varied subject matter and professional sound make him appealing to a wide range of audiences: hemp heads, rap enthusiasts, and non-PC people alike, while still staying true to his hometown base.

He followed this effort up by showcasing his versatility and teaming up with The Krooked One to create Painting Beats in March. The tape is sonically different from his previous works and displays growth as an artist – broader vocabulary, more words per bar, higher percentage of rhymes.

If you’re past the pre-pubescent stage and you appreciate the finer things in rap, you’ll respect Mark 4ord.



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