Fresh Faces Friday: Magno Garcia

Fresh Faces Friday: Magno Garcia

Fresh Faces FridayFresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Magno Garcia


Boston based MC Magno Garcia is keen to impart his wisdom and show the world what he represents.

Subject and sound wise, Magno blends classical soul, jazz, and hip-hop influences with soul shaking rhymes and witty references that will turn any OG’s mean mug up into a smirk.

The type of body of work that will make your mind wander and question what you think you know. If you like hip-hop, you’ll like Magno:

These the words that God spoke, the wise glow/

First shall be the last and the last know/

The melody was beautiful when singing that last note/

They showed me glass ceilings i made sure that the glass broke/

Loving thy neighbors, Vatican papers/

Handling haters/

Challenging capers, drama popping, damaging traitors/ 

In His streams no titanic’s hit glaciers/

Yet there’s sin in the world, look what those men did to Sacagawea 

Papa rolling but he wasn’t a player, lots here to wager/

The heart is weighted by the light of the savior/

Like A Thief In The Night is Magno’s magnum opus. The Retrospec produced LP dropped back in April blending gospel with hard hitting rhymes that tell his story and share his transition from a street kid growing up in Chelsea to a life now dedicated to God.

A thinking man with a spiritual side is something the game and the world as a whole could use more of. Magno Garcia is certified and an emcee to look out for.



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