Fresh Faces Friday: Dango Forlaine

Fresh Faces Friday: Dango Forlaine

Fresh Faces FridayFresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Dango Forlaine

Creating music for the future by learning from the past. This is how this week’s draft pick Dango Forlaine describes his art.

Anything but corny, paying homage to those that came before you is a sign of both maturity and intelligence – two things found in abundance throughout Dango’s lyrical stylings.

For example, take Black 2 off his and Ronnie Alpha’s recent EP Young. Angry. Black. Man. 2, on which Dango drops jewels for your listening pleasure:

Lower your tone before you talk to me/

I be floating on air, you couldn’t walk to me/

Conversing with God and do it oftenly/

You’re just a facade that’s moving awkwardly/

Mufasa to you Mustafa’s/

Mussolini, Muhammed mixed with Muatta’Fala

Run it back, mitosis, symbiotic in armor/

Double up, die for my cause I be the martyr/

The effort is steeped in substance, timely messages, and poetry making it a gem among a field of uncut stones.

Other tracks like Angry 2 further exhibit Forlaine’s versatility over varied production and certify his skills.

The young artist has been dedicating himself to his craft since 2014, but he’s been around it his entire life coming from a musically inclined family. Which is where the Detroit native got his love for compositions, as well as double and triple entendres which are prevalent throughout his growing discography.

For those looking for some social and spiritual flavor, Dango Forlaine is someone that’s bringing it.


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