Fresh Faces Friday: Brian Bars Burns

Fresh Faces FridayFresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Brian Bars Burns

A little more than fifteen years ago, New Orleans, Louisiana born and raised Brian Bars Burns experienced two life-altering events when Hurricane Katrina hit, followed by the untimely death of his best friend. To cope Brian turned to poetry and dedicated himself to his craft.

Rising from the ashes like The Undertaker, the talented wordsmith and rapper speaks his truth through his music. Dropping plenty of conscious bars while displaying lyrical agility and fearlessness on the mic against a backdrop of cogent production, Bars Burns captures your attention:

Soon as the pin hit the paper I can feel the fire burning/

I had to open my eyes like Omar Epps in higher learning/

What you been missing returning go head and take a listen/

Amazing performance like Magic playing center position/

Rhymes murderous bout to show em’ all who the nicest/

With lyrics that be on point government tracking devices/

With these bombs of knowledge so you all see who the wisest/

No surprises its just bars with these verbal exercises/

Emcees they always know I’m coming with something sicker/

Its real you see it in my eyes like Pac last picture/

The now Los Angeles based MC’s early work like his first full length album Next Chapter of Life assumes the perspective of a young black male gaining knowledge of self for the first time. It set the foundation for his future projects and touches on a range of topics from racism, the prison industrial complex, black community, New Jim Crow, and many others.

Brian Bars Burns embodies the spirit of what made hip-hop so powerful beginning in the late 80’s and is at the forefront of its renaissance today.



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