Fresh Faces Friday: Antimus Prime

Fresh Faces Friday: Antimus Prime

Fresh Faces FridayFresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Antimus Prime

Antimus Prime is a Holly Springs, North Carolina artist. His intellectual, street-wise style is both educational and enjoyable.

Antimus’ is one of only a very small handful of artists that we have featured whose music came to us via direct submission. Diamonds in the rough helping to stomp out the influx of wack music into hip-hop. Respect!

A single listen to his EP Fair Warning and the talent and lyrical ability will jump out at you like an old school pin-up model out of a cake. The sound is conscious, but real on the funky tip and anything but standard run of the mill material.

Yesterday I was losing like Mitt Romney/

On the edge of a cliff like the economy/

You probably don’t wanna follow me/

And honestly, I don’t want you to bother me/

Until my arteries no longer pump the blood of a king/

Similar to the man who said he had a dream/

If a shot from a sniper stretch me out on a hotel balcony, would anybody catch me/

Or would they let me land where I land, running for their life screaming this wasn’t the plan/

Hollow shell from a rifle stretched me out in front of my lawn, in front of my kids, even my mom/

Will she be left to wash the blood away, while they throw my killers a parade?/

Hip-hop in its purest form – honest, revolutionary, and culturally relevant.

With the right guidance, there’s no limit to Antimus’ potential.


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