Red, Blk & Blu

A Poem in Turbulent Times...


Red, Blk & Blu

Our blood is red

Our skin is black

Our days are painted blue.

Those stripes

Those stars

That flag.

Tear gas and fully-loaded mags

What chance did George Floyd have?

Our blood is thick

Our skin is thicker

But today we saw the truth.

Every soul has significance

That is my belief

Yet some choose the path of ignorance

And stroke a brush of grief.

Tell me, What am I to do…

When my brothers are black

But my brother is blue?

Our blood is red

Our skin is black

True colors rush into view.

No matter how they paint us — the media, the president, instigators

Paint is just paint.

Our human bond will not waver.

It’s evident — injustice is among us

There is no pretty way to say it

Some shades of blue are not my favorite.

Despite this, we must fight this.

Their blood would show RED if we sprayed it.

For this is the color which unites us.



Rest in Power to those who have lost their lives, fighting the good fight, living, walking the streets of America as a black man or a black woman. And to those who do not identify as black, your support echoes loud and clear. I cannot speak for the Black Community. However, I personally thank you all — all people of every race and gender — for taking to the streets and demanding proper justice. You are humanity’s beacons of hope.

However, to the people using this fragile time to generate hate and negative narratives about People Of Color, looting for no reason, destroying without purpose, I have but this to say: Fuck you — I hope you one day learn your lesson the hard way, but above all — FUCK YOU!

This whole moment in history is absolutely not about me. Yet I must share this with you for the sake of context. My best friend is a police officer. Times like these leave me utterly conflicted. As a young black man born and raised in Midwest America, he does his absolute best to never be the stereotype. He is not a fucking Uncle Tom for joining the police force. He is one of the few intelligent minorities brave enough to enter the jungle. Because let’s face it, the rest of us wouldn’t be caught dead in that uniform. Intelligent minorities — like my brother, like myself, and possibly like yourself — lack consistent representation in the police force. Nevertheless, every week I wonder if I’m ever gonna hear from my brother again. ‘Cause when shit like this is going down, you just never know.

I love my brother with all my heart. And it pains me to see what police brutality has done to the Black Community. I know I’m not alone in this, but I could never be a police officer. I simply don’t have what it takes. But when I see my brother I don’t see a badge or replays of brutal viral videos. All I see is my brother. I hate the fact that I’m supposed to hate him and all like him. There is no excuse for the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Sandra Bland and countless others. That’s it. Period.

I will not hate my brother and other good cops for taking up a dangerous profession. But I will continue to hate those individuals who abuse their power and prove that most people are not fit to be officers of the law. In conclusion, Fuck Trump as well as Fuck Racism, Elitism, and Extremism. Peace and Love to you all.


K.L. Jenkins