Fresh Faces Friday: Bubu The Prince

Fresh Faces Friday: Bubu The Prince

Fresh Faces FridayFresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Bubu The Prince


One listen to Bubu The Prince’s current Eye For An Eye album and the underground treat will be ingrained in your memory like your first girl.

Growing up on Balboa Ave. in San Diego, his personal experiences helped shape the new crack era west he is now ushering in. With menacing lyrics and inventive rhyme schemes over ominous piano loops and thunderous drums, his sound is a polished product.

Moreover he paints a complete picture with his words:

Been in all type of shit/

Managed to keep the grass cut enough to where I shot the drum when that viper hit/

I mean who’s life is this? Decided to marry the game the same way I knew the karma of my life would hit/

I dedicated, pushing through without medicating/

These bozos tryin’ to neglect the times I educated/

Fuck it the heckler will paint it/

Can’t forget the times where I couldn’t afford to satisfy my craving/

Nightmare livin’ that’s word to kraven/

Suckas in my own city don’t like me, no doubt in my mind, I’ma make it/

A realer perspective you will pressed to find and fatter beats than SYER’s are uncommon.

Bubu is on his way to blowing up the spot and putting on for his home state on a massive scale. It should only be a matter of time until we start hearing his name mentioned among the best contemporary West Coast emcees.


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