RUF Observes 80 Years Of Automotive Innovation With “RUF, Love at the Red Line” Film

With appearances from Freeman Thomas and Rod Emory of Emory Motorsports.

One of my favorite car companies will finally pull back the veil and share their craft with the world. German automaker RUF Automobile commemorates 80 years in the automotive industry with a recent film “RUF, Love at the Red Line.”

RUF started its life in 1939 as a normal garage. They eventually stepped into the world of automotive production. Their most notable work in the Porche’s they started working on in 1963. Today, we know RUF for its gutted, changed and reworked Porsche models. If you don’t know, look no further than the CTR Yellowbird and the Carrera GT-based CTR3 Clubsport models.

The film includes appearances from major players in the Porsche world, from car designer Freeman Thomas and Porsche tuner Rod Emory of Emory Motorsports, to the Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi, collector and RUF owner Bruce Meyer, and many more.

RUF director Alois Ruf has said in a press release that, “this film pulls back the curtain. We want to share with the world that it has taken the work of hundreds and the passion of many more to get us where we are today. This is for the employees, the customers and the fans who helped turn our vision into a reality”. You can watch the film “RUF, Love at the Red Line” above. Lastly, for more automotive news, This Vintage Porsche 911 Gets A Serious 500-Horsepower Boost.

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