The LR2 House by Montalba Architects is a Structural Masterpiece

A magnificent home nestled comfortably in the hills of Pasadena.

Santa Monica-based firm Montalba Architects designed the breathtaking home above. The LR2 House overlooks Pasadena next to the mountains, posted comfortably on a hillside perch. This 4,200-square-foot house uses its space and features with several rooms customized for a diverse set of needs.

The clients they built the home for desired to keep a significant portion of the existing flat pad between adjacent slopes. Using the matchbox concept, the home features stacked volumes that create a set of rotating rectangular masses by the hillside. Each with its balance of indoor/outdoor space. Outdoor breezeways, porches, courtyards, covered walkways, and an enormous rooftop deck extend beyond the abundant outdoor spaces, all of which take in stellar views of the hills and valley.

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They strip away some industrial elements as the LR2 House blends into the slope of the hillside terrain. As the entrance of the home merges into the landscape yet still guiding visitors to a reaching sidewalk that extends under most of the building. This compression of space results in a unique arrival experience that incorporates the natural creek just beyond the front door, situated nicely on the second floor.

Continuing with the natural grade, the front stairs transform into an arching path and connect to an entry portal. All while still showcasing panoramic views of the house. As soon as you open the front door, you’re greeted by a dark, angular facade of paneled concrete that opens to a light-filled interior of softwood and bright illuminated finishes.

Upon arriving, guests find themselves within an indoor/outdoor living space with plenty of natural light and open space. As you continue the stairs descend to a private screening room or escalate to the third-floor living spaces. The LR2 House is a marvel of architectural design, the attention to detail is outstanding. The designers should be proud. You can take a detailed look at the images above. Last, for more design news, This Chilean Coastal Home is Perfect for the Minimal Utilitarian.

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