Fresh Faces Friday: Ultra Eko

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Fresh Faces Friday: Ultra Eko

Fresh Faces FridayFresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Ultra Eko

The first artist in our series comes from across the pond in the United Kingdom, where hip-hop evolved from dubbing/toasting in the 70’s to its various forms today.

South London’s Ultra Eko individual approach is both original and dope. While not really reflective of any current UK scene, as the artist has walked a long and solitary road to get to where he is today. He’s equal parts lyricist and storyteller with a wicked pen game.

Every track on his new EP Kitchen Sink Dramas tells a story. They cover themes ranging from disillusionment with authority, religion, poverty and struggle as shown on Twisted:

When he pushed open the door

Nobody ain’t never have to tell him nothing

He could see so clearly with his own eyes 

that everything was broken

The old man stooped

bent right down

While the women’s eyes filled with tears

every time she stole a glance

Truth resided in  these deathly silences

and longing stares across the dining table

No words spoken except for

pass the salt please

Knives and  forks crash together

Cut into the cold rare meat

Red blood run across the cutlery

No one is going to accuse Eko of spreading senseless cheer with his latest work, but what it lacks in easy listening it makes up for with meaning and by leaving a lasting impression on your ears.

With a full length album currently in the works and due to be released this summer, Ultra Eko is building himself up into one of the UK’s most auspicious underground acts.



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