Fresh Faces Friday: Ron Brice

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Fresh Faces Friday: Ron Brice

Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Ron Brice

Those that have been down with French hip-hop may remember MC Solaar, who was the first French emcee to go platinum with his 1991 album. Now brimming with fresh innovative talent, heavily influenced by African, Caribbean and even American roots. It’s underground scene is one of the most active in all of Europe. One such artist Ron Brice who I got put onto by beatmaker Kheyzine, is gaining a reputation as an elite emcee. He was first exposed to the culture through his brothers who were vinyl collectors and started recording shortly thereafter at just 12 years old.

After guesting on several projects, he released his first mixtape appropriately titled Reality Tape in 2011. The raps contained within are for discerning ears. With one of his stated aims being to reconcile substance and form which we salute. Brice’s hard hitting rhyme style, voice control that ebbs in line with the track and a flow that is capable of complex cadences is an ode to his early influences which range from Wu-Tang to local vets La Cliqua.

The latest offering from the battle hardened street poet Pédigrée des grands (The Pedigree of the Great), an 8 track EP released on his own label 12 Monkeys Records on which he asserts his prowess on the mic and shows off his progress structuring songs, is worth a listen and then another and another after that. Brice’s efforts are not going un-recognized, as this write-up and others like it can testify. If you thought French rap wasn’t up to par, check Ron Brice and think again.



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