Fresh Faces Friday: Gani

This month we spotlight the best rising international hip-hop artists every Friday.

From the streets of Bucharest, Romania comes the last emcee in our international series with much mic yielding power.

Gani aka Michelle Cypher first came on the local scene back in 2004 in the first edition of the Off Da Dome battle tournament, where she made history as the first female MC to enter a battle contest in her country so you know she’s representing.

In fact, Gani’s strong point may be her lyrical versatility. From the laid back, spoken word on the intro track to her 2018 mixtape Note de SubSol to the more rapid fire flow on Scoala veche (Old school), she displays tremendous range.

Gani’s sharp tongue and witty wordplay is evident on her latest single Tanga:

What’s great is that it’s a test
Nervousness and patience, as a confirmation
They want a statement or are they diffuse?
When what you hear seems like its through loud speakers – too tough!

Like many a hip-hop head, she was first exposed to the culture early at 10 years young when the local music station would play the likes of Nas, Fugees and Da Luniz – all of which became early influences.

Now a battle tested veteran with proven skills, Gani’s next project is shaping up to be her most mature and potent yet and open up more folks ears to her brand of lyricism.



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