Dvsn - A Muse In Her Feelings, Album Review

Dvsn – A Muse In Her Feelings, Album Review

Canadian R&B duo Dvsn makes a triumphant return to music with their third studio album ‘A Muse In Her Feelings’. After listening to their 2017 LP “Morning After” I had hoped for something more, but that would be me asking for a lot. The duo made up of crooner Daniel Daley and Grammy-awarding producer Nineteen85. The latter, responsible for major Drake hits such as ‘Hotline Bling’ and Travis Scott’s ‘Coffee Bean’. There’s a reason Drake often taps into their sound when working on an album. The album starts with the shimmery “No Good”. Where Daley admits “Somehow I lost the vision” and this may be the reason for the duo’s hiatus. Regardless, they’re back and with a solid body of work to show for it.

Taking a more refined approach and not succumbing to the nuances of traditional R&B, producer Nineteen85—also known as Paul Jefferies—developed his production to feature his unique sound with welcomed modifications: the use of warm guitars, reverb blanketed, airy synths levitate effortlessly over contemporary mellowed out production. Records such as ‘Flawless (Do It Well Pt. 3)’, which features R&B newcomer Summer Walker showcase this style first hand. A complete banger masquerading as a smooth, slow jam. The rugged texture of Daley tenor voice against Walker’s brightly toned soprano paired with the heavy-hitting production is a recipe that deserves a chef’s kiss.

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A standout record on the project is the track ‘So What’ featuring the newest member of OVO Sound. Jamaican dancehall artist and longtime Drake collaborator Popcaan. The chord progressions and laid-back production on this island-inspired record is the fusion you didn’t know you needed. The album also features R&B frontrunner Ty Dolla $ign and the Grammy-nominated, rising star Jessie Reyez who both lend their voices on this ethereal record. Bringing that extra flavor to records ‘Dangerous City’ and ‘Courtside’. Future dips into his syrupy flow once again on ‘No Cryin’’, which discretely samples the 2008 Soulja Boy hit ‘Turn My Swag On’ and ‘Boss A** Bitch’ by PTAF. The ambient, emancipating track—an obvious anthem—reminds us all that “Ain’t nobody crying in the club / You can do better.

The two gracefully teeter this album between mellow, melancholy, and euphoric. The project just doesn’t disappoint. It’s exceptional, yet it doesn’t reach the fidelity of its predecessor which is ok. Fans who have been waiting for new music from Dvsn, will enjoy this modern R&B record. The duo pour out their feelings and open up to have an emotional one-on-one conversation with the listener. Introspective, dazzling, balanced, and intimate, ‘A Muse In Her Feelings’ is truly R&B in pure form.

Dvsn - A Muse In Her Feelings, Album Review
Dvsn – A Muse In Her Feelings, Album Review
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