Oliver Malcolm is in a Lane of His Own in “Switched Up” Video

The accomplished beat maker shows he's more than a producer.

Riccardo Castano

Having already worked with Joey Bada$$ and MF Doom among others, 20-year-old beat maker Oliver Malcolm steps out of the background with his debut single Switched Up, racking up a massive number of streams in no time. The heavy-hitting track features Malcolm stepping into the production vocally with authority and conviction. The production also done by Oliver Malcolm features beat-box sounds and pulsing kicks laid throughout. Paired with a heavy 808 and and and eerie melody that comes from a spacey acoustic guitar rift.

The video is eerily in the middle of nowhere, obviously somewhere cold as the ground is laid with snow. We find Oliver in a light-blue double-breasted suit as he starts off singing through severed pay phone. He moves on and continues to sing atop a old ford f-150. Seemingly still in the same location he was in before. You can watch the official above by clicking the play button and let us know what you think in the comments. Lastly, for more music spotlights, SuperParka Deliver on Emotional New Single “you”.

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