Fresh Faces Friday: Sauce Heist

The polished New York emcee shows why he's next up.

Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Sauce Heist

This week we got one of the most honed and polished MC’s of the New York hip-hop renaissance – Sauce Heist.

His latest tape: Get Money Teach Babies, a collab with fellow Heist Life member and Fresh Faces Friday alum Ty Da Dale featuring production and mixing/mastering from Spanish Ran is full of boastful street knowledge over cinematic percussion.

You can say you’ve heard this before and you have, but seldom with this kind of attitude:

Mind and body in a verted place, losing and moving weight/

Out the way with less to say, just pray I bang more than yesterday/

Prince coupled with night gloves, out for baby love to represent me/

And my dudes who kept it loyal since the playground rules/

Heist Life large straps and tools, looking like construction men/

Walk up to the lion’s den, so they can’t see our heart in the stems/

These are the kind of rhymes you would hear at a battle in the park back in the day from the emcee walking away with the victory.

Taking it back even further, Sauce gets his swag and lyrical chops from growing up in the scene in the Bronx. Where his father was a gospel guitar player and his older brother crafted beats.

Now with more than ten full-length projects under his belt and collaborations with everyone from Dirty Diggs to Eto. He’s created a body of work and name for himself that will stand the test of time.



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