Fresh Faces Friday: Roc E

Fresh Faces Friday: Roc E

Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Roc E

There’s a whole new generation of artists all across the world waiting to blow up the spot. For the past year, one new St. Louis Missouri based artist by the name of Roc E has been earning renown.

Like many in this era, streaming has been Roc E’s prime means of recognition. His debut Far Away From Home dropped in May 2019 as the first in a trilogy. But it was the second installment – Keep your Composure that made us really stand up and take notice:

It’s do or die season now we gotta pick and choose/
Who’s got the heart to ride out whether we win or lose/
N*ggas still opressed they see it when hits the news/
And even then some of them still question if it’s even true/
I been gone from the city for so damn long/
But still feel the bullshit as if i never left home/
Out here i’ve had days and nights being on my own/
So I thank god for my brother for picking up his phone/
Should probably talk to family more tomorrow’s never promised/
Thing’s are worse than before if I’m just being honest/
Missing cousins graduations weigh heavy on my conscious/
And the thought of losing someone else has me feeling nauseous/
The third and final tape in the series is due this fall covering a period in his life when he re-located to Atlanta. With a positive message, real skills, and entrepreneurial acumen. Roc E has the traits to go as far as he wants.


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