Fresh Faces Friday: Ca$ablanca

Fresh Faces Friday: Ca$ablanca

Fresh Faces FridayFresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Ca$ablanca

While we’re all at home on our couches consuming mass media, you can count on us to take you from industry to the streets.

This week’s up and coming artist Ca$ablanca is a Dallas transplant by way of Louisiana and Florida. Beginning with nothing but a pen and a pad when he was 14, he puts his trials and tribulations into his rhymes. With a quick tongue, proven flow that rides the beat along with a top notch delivery, Ca$a has come into his own.

On his latest project The Darker Side, he slows it down over a Pad Scientist beat:

Yoo blood on this dog tags, shh a forward flash bang thru ya barracks/

I’ve had it, walk in a trench with the collar up, mosaic images displayin’ the strength behind us/

What craved in the wall or a stone, is proven our name/

The rain and fire expired, trained for combat on the stilts/

William Wallace with a kilt, the sharper the blade edge u catchin’/

Infected tryna drain the poison with the lips/

Nigga I got a clip for every one of you/

The pennin pressure subsides/

Between you and I its eye for an eye, remove a slice down to the pie/

The beats behind his rhymes are well produced and his golden era influences such as Kool G Rap, Big Pun, and Raekwon are visible. Keep your ears open for Ca$a.



**If you are an up and coming artist and would like to be considered for our Fresh Faces Friday, send over links to your best material, a photo and a bio or press kit via the contact form below**

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