Eryn Martin Drops Impressive New Single ‘America’

The Canadian songstress has another hit on her hands.

Twenty-year-old Canadian artist Eryn Martin blends R&B, hip-hop and downtempo in her latest output ‘America’ released through her label Galactic Records/CInematic. Her latest single features her signature silky, airy, reverb blanketed vocals and backing vocals. The production pounds through with its four on the floor cadence and gives the song exceptional depth. Let me be one to say this. I love this record. It’s a complete vibe and sounds as if Ms. Martin is on a planet all her own. Her sound is unique with a swagger that screams one of a kind.

You can listen to Eryn Martin’s latest single ‘America’ below. While you’re at it check out her record “Ball” as well, it’s an absolute banger. I’ve talked to a few of the editors here and we’re all in agreement. Eryn Martin’s music is an absolute vibe. Let us know how you feel about it in the comments. Lastly, for more new music, Kamal Croons Gracefully on His Latest Record “Homebody”.

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