Fresh Faces Friday: XP The Marxman

Fresh Faces Friday: XP The Marxman

Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces XP The Marxman

California has long been a birthplace for groundbreaking hip hop acts – N.W.A., Too Short, and Cypress Hill ring bells for any hip hop head.

Recently, Los Angeles has been making noise with a slew of up and coming MC’s that represent hip hop’s next generation. XP The Marxman is one such talented emcee.

Complex lyricism, raw emotions, and a broad range of experiences, both positive and negative make XP one of the most unique artists emerging out of LA.

His EP Sincere Leader produced by Slide Beats dropped in mid-January and is hard hitting from the first cut Pest Control:

Who said life’s all about balance? I had to manage being broke and great/

They never knew the cards in front of my poker face, shitty hand I’ve been dealt/

Never feeling sorry for self, build the wealth, now they calling me top shelf/

Cultivated by the culture, throw in the West Coast, I like my gumbo with no Oprah/

The homeboy spitting like he been around the way, like he sat down and let the pen bleed with the greats/

If you can’t round the beats, then ya can’t get the shakes/

I’m an addict for the rhymes, got the tracks with the greats/

And there’s plenty more on his other joints too. From a compelling backstory growing up in inner city LA, to his unmistakable lyricism, to originality. XP is the total package.



**If you are an up and coming artist and would like to be considered for our Fresh Faces Friday, send over links to your best material, a photo and a bio or press kit via the contact form below**

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