Fresh Faces Friday: Ty Da Dale

Fresh Faces Friday: Ty Da Dale

Fresh Faces FridayFresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Ty Da Dale

We’re back this week from one of the most booming underground hip hop scenes in the world – New York City.

It seems like more MC’s are emerging from this area than we can keep up with. Hailing from the Bronx, Ty Da Dale comes strapped with fortified rhymes and solid beats.

Ty has been paying his dues and putting down quality bars for more than 5 years with most material striking a balance between tales of everyday struggle and hustling for that come up.

On 2019’s School by the Apollo album he goes right in on Harlem Renaissance:

Paid in full, I’m old school, you ain’t a dog, you a plate of food/

I still move at the senk and shoes, uptown making moves like Langston Hughes/

Harlem renaissance, first black businesses, know your genesis/

What’s the science, was in the kitchen like chemists/

Turned and rocked a controlled substance, young and so stubborn, didn’t know nothing/

But know I needed money had to go hustling/

99′ I was 9, copped the foam Duncan’s/

On the very next joint Summer ’08 he takes us back to simpler times over a funky sax beat: You see how time change/We all used to buy canes/Said fuck rims, would rather do skims and cop fly chains/

Here’s hoping Ty Da Dale starts getting the recognition he deserves.



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