Fresh Faces Friday: Sleep Sinatra

Fresh Faces Friday: Sleep Sinatra

Fresh Faces FridayFresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Sleep Sinatra

Saying that Midwest underground hip hop lacks critical and commercial attention would be like saying Hieroglyphics crew’s Casual is underrated – a major understatement.

Lincoln, Nebraska’s Sleep Sinatra is looking to change that. A genuine wordsmith, his rhyme style is subtle yet poignant and complex all the same reminiscent of past mic technicians.

On his latest album Animal God, Sleep displays wisdom beyond his years as well as a penchant for making you relate to his spoken word. On Coming of Age he spits metaphors in a calm, laid-back fashion:

Daddy need a new chain, watch me alter ego like I’m Bruce Wayne/

I’m bringing true game, moves to spew flame, becoming a dragon like I was Liu Kang/

I’m from the sticks family tree, crooked where the roots change/

In pursuit of a few things, these streets might slay and know I gotta be a leader teaching Ella & Malaya/

Actions better than a prayer, the world’s never in your favor/

Trying to find a way knowing that the pain won’t save ya/

Overall the project is impressively cohesive, with Sleep giving listeners insight into his life, responsibilities, and how he’s been able to overcome struggles over top of quality production from the likes of Stu Bangas, BrainOrchestra, Flannel Lewis and others.

Given his unique talents, Sleep Sinatra may just be the one to finally put his city on the hip hop map.



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