Grimes Delivers “Delete Forever” Visual Ahead of New Album

Grimes gives us a new video just before the release of her new album.

The countdown begins. Canadian pop superstar Grimes returns with yet another pre-album single. “Delete Forever” sees the all-in-one musician on her intergalactic throne, singing her version of the blues. The visual, in my opinion, is much more striking than the song itself. This seemingly final promo single features a folksy backdrop which reminded me of The Dixie Chicks. According to various publications, “Delete Forever” is Grimes’ commentary on the opioid epidemic.

During her interview with Wall Street Journal, she revealed the intent of her next full-length album. Her fifth studio record Miss Anthropocene drops later this month. Although her lyrics are cryptic at times, Grimes wants to shed light on climate change. As the days pass, I will anxiously wait for 2020 to officially start, when Grimes blesses us with her potential opus.

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