Fresh Faces Friday: The Lupus Dei Experience

Fresh Faces FridayFresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces The Lupus Dei Experience

Its safe to say most artists today get in the rap game for fame, fortune and maybe even a little bit of groupie love. But for Willingboro New Jersey’s The Lupus Dei Experience its all for the love of the game and painting pictures with words, as he describes his craft.

A long-time student of the art form, he blends hip-hop with soul and jazz from a refreshing frame with plenty of soulful samples, hard drums, 808’s and snares.

His 2019 Dei of the Dead collection – a four part mini series consisting of separate EP’s, takes listeners on a unique journey with each project while still maintaining a cohesive sound throughout. Here is a small sample of what to expect:

Still vibing, on the quest tribing, trying to make it home for real without dying/

Touch more bases then baseball plates, cause when I get to pitching I hit em’ with the slider/

This all white is all night, trying to get this money to make sure we alright/

Far as I can see, we all should be sticking together cause the strength is in numbers what a valuable lesson/

Lup goes deeper than just surface raps, educating and enlightening while not wasting many words. More of hip hop’s young artists would do well to follow his lead.



**If you are an up and coming artist and would like to be considered for our Fresh Faces Friday, send over links to your best material, a photo and a bio or press kit via the contact form below**

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