Fresh Faces Friday: Jonah Cruzz

Fresh Faces FridayFresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Jonah Cruzz

In hip-hop more than any other genre of music, people care where an artist comes from. Almost all MC’s big up their hometown and some are even synonymous with their boroughs.

One listen to Jonah Cruzz and you’ll know he represents for his city (Atlanta) and his state (Georgia) the right way.

Having made music for over 6 years now, starting with his debut single Multiply in 2014. In his signature Southern cadence, Jonah’s lyrics touch on systematic oppression, love’s ups and downs, and the perils of coming of age in the hood. On Can U Dig It off of his 2019 EP Southern Drawl he laments:

Three-eighty underneath the CD, might just let it bang/

Whoa, we from the A, you don’t wanna play/

Out that sweet shit, niggas be doin’ out days, ain’t really how we was raised/

We don’t rock no purses, we don’t devil worship, don’t show off our guns, bodies just get dropped in hearses/

I love Magic city, I love ass and titties, I used to window shop at Lenox, I ain’t have a penny, I love Mary Jane, I love chicken wings/

I’ll take that combo with the fries, sweet tea, and lemonade/

Jonah Cruzz is relatable, intelligent and anything but status quo meaning you have to give the man as well as the rapper the respect he’s due.



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