Class Carter Drops the Smooth “The Real Carter” Album

Class Carter releases his debut LP.

The September 2019 release of Class Carter’s “The Real Carter” has had an astonishing welcome on all streaming platforms.

His release on Spotify had his best numbers to date, boasting a huge 400,000 plus streams within the first four months of its independent release. All production and recordings for this album was done solely by Class Carter which is one of the identifying effects on its results.

Leading up to the release of the album, Class Carter built a lot of momentum by having Rel Carter, A&R of Roc Nation, host a project release party. In addition to that, Class Carter performed at the BET Radio Nation’s DJ rooftop parties with Brian Dawson (One of The Source top 30 DJs in the country). Class Carter has carved a niche within the circle of top tier influencers to add to his journey to one of his biggest project releases to date.

The 11 track EP showcases Class Carter’s versatile styles and sound as well as the artist’s ear for picking the right beats. Press play below to stream Class Carter’s “The Real Carter” project.

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