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Poppy – I Disagree, Album Review

Am I the only one who’s been missing out on this project? Despite not being into metal until a couple years ago, this album blew me away. Thanks to a recommendation from a coworker Poppy is now in my regular rotation. Poppy is a multimedia project with two members. Moriah Rose Pereira and Titanic Sinclair make up this odd couple of media madness. During my initial listen of I Disagree a few questions arose. Questions like. . . Who does this chick think she is? And. . . Why can I not stop listening to her? Following a deep dive into her past work and YouTube channel, I found nothing but more question marks. Rather than try and explain what the hell Poppy is, I implore you to check out her non-music video uploads on YouTube. Click here. Her baby-voice randomness intrigues me, though I don’t quite comprehend their ultimate goal.

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In spite of my confusion, I Disagree is a modern pop-metal marvel. For all intensive purposes I will be referring to Moriah as Poppy for the rest of this review. The meta talk grows tired rather quickly. The album opens with the eccentric “Concrete.” Poppy’s specialty of combining nu-metal guitars with sugary vocals and an anime-esque delivery is a feat in and of itself. While on paper the combination of these concepts clash, they execute them with impressive precision. Wow. I never knew I needed so much baby-voice metal in my life. Her calculated aggression and computer-generated awareness make for a thrill ride listeners won’t soon forget. Up is down. Left is right. At times, this LP makes little sense. The opener’s lyrics of “Bury me six feet deep / Cover me in concrete / Turn me into a street” still baffle me. Yet they remain stuck inside my skull.

Furthermore, a handful of these tracks have been on repeat for me. The production across I Disagree ranges from atmospheric to bouncy to hardcore to J-poppy. This creative gumbo of sounds sent me to a faraway head space. Some type of non-human entity created this. I’m sure of it. The most civilian of the ten songs is “Nothing I Need.” As I played through the record, its tune failed to make a memorable impression. However, after about 15 more cycles, it’s become one of my favorites on the album. It serves as an excellent cool-down segment in the mix. The surrounding cascade of thrashing electric guitar, spiritual synths, and driving drums culminates into pure chaotic bliss. But hey, what if you don’t like metal music? Can you still enjoy this record? My answer would be: Some of it, yeah. One song that everyone should try is “Sick of the Sun.”

‘I Disagree’ marks the Poppy project’s third full-length LP

The summery sweet harmonies blend beautifully with the filtered guitar wash. What a hook, ladies and gents. At its core I Disagree is a statement on the effects of digital phenomena on modern human existence. Poppy plays an artificially intelligent being commentating on what it means to be human in a time of social ambiguity. Her poetic numbness propels the album forward into the unknown, revealing a poignant truth. None of us know where exactly we’re going. So let’s try to have some fun while we’re here. As far as gripes go, I have a couple of minor ones. “Fill the Crown” I enjoy, though it comes off like it’s trying to be a single. I wish it dialed up the intensity to match the rest of the record. Additionally, “BLOODMONEY” could use a slight buff in the post-chorus instrumental breakdown. Other than that, I Disagree kicks total ass.


Album Review: Poppy - I Disagree
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