Fresh Faces Friday Introduces: Thorough

Fresh Faces Friday: Thorough

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Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Thorough

Every once in a while there comes along an MC who upon first listen you know has a high degree of potential on the mic – add Jamaica Queens based Thorough to this list.

To say Thorough is lyrically versatile would be an understatement. From the up-tempo, neck-breaking flow on Bat out of Hell to the more relaxed verbal styling of Chump! on which he proclaims “Me with a mic is like Bruce Lee with his nun chucks” he gives it to you however you want over Crazy Beats P. production on his stellar sophomore effort Cassette Tape Malfunction.

Thorough reminds listeners on Ghetto Love that every song is like the best song on the album and spits some sharp phrases:

First every bar is insane and you artist’s are lame

Thorough keep an ace up his sleeve no card game

Industry monopoly no board games, my niggas got short tempers and long chains

Quiet guys but if you get fly they’ll bang, every song nothing less than awesome

My sneakers by Michael Jeffrey Jordan, nigga no stepping on em’

I’m really bout it all you men is talking, the flow sick nigga’s getting nauseous

Like many hip hop heads discovering Thorough for the first time, you instantly know his abundant rhyme skills, quality production, and raw visuals will carry him a long way.



**If you are an up and coming artist and would like to be considered for our Fresh Faces Friday, send over links to your best material, a photo and a bio or press kit via the contact form below**

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