Fresh Faces Friday: Jamal Gasol

Fresh Faces Friday: Jamal Gasol

Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Jamal Gasol

It seems like we have been featuring an East Coast MC every other week, no doubt New York has once again been living up to its name as the mecca of hip hop.

That continues this week with Niagara Falls based Jamal Gasol. With raw lyricism, a charismatic flow, and crisp delivery which will have you reminiscing of a past gone era, Gasol has heads bopping and people taking notice well beyond his home state.

Joints like Hood Politics and his Stir the Pot Freestyle on which he hits you with witty punch lines like:

Fuck doing good, I’m doing great, get it now before it’s too late/

I don’t care about who got next, I got now, I respect a nigga who lose over throwing in the towel/

Nothing more nothing less, couple niggas failed the test, cut em’ off tighter circle and now its less stress/

Arm & Hammer on the countertop, auntie kitchen was a mess/

When it was beef I sprayed the glass like Windex,

I got the upper hand like Vince McMahon, more green than an Eagles fan, I heard you snatch your girl cause she a fan/

Instantly grab and hold your attention. Dig deeper into his catalog (No Joy Without Pain, Old Niagara) and it will be clear that his talent goes well beyond punchlines and just one coast.

All that’s left is to keep the sharp deliveries coming and the whole world will give him his due props.



**If you are an up and coming artist and would like to be considered for our Fresh Faces Friday, send over links to your best material, a photo and a bio or press kit via the contact form below**


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