Fresh Faces Friday: All Hail Y.T.

Fresh Faces Friday: All Hail Y.T.

Fresh Faces FridayFresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces All Hail Y.T.

In case you aren’t up on the hip hop scene in Delaware yet, allow us to show you there’s more to the state than Fortune 500 companies and a bunch of beaches. This week’s featured artist All Hail Y.T. is an out of state transplant from Killeen Texas and now one of Dover Delaware’s preeminent MC’s.

Shout out to LEEeveryday for putting us on to the local legend as a result of their top 25 albums of 2019 list. They weren’t wrong – from the song sequencing, to the Benji Socrate$ production, and detailed luxury drug raps, Y.T. made Deluxe Drugz one of the better thematic albums in recent memory.

All Hail Y.T. doesn’t just kick game, while he does plenty of that he also addresses far-ranging issues from poverty to personal growth. On his verse from Jay NiCE’s 2,000 Years Buried he spits:

Dawg how could you spend / $1000
On jeans / when niggas starving/ living in Boxes / Master plan / buy a 1000 apartments/
Take the interest — and live off It/
Give homes to single mothers / and seeds /
Wit Nil Fathers/

What you want out life? See you can have it /
Visualize it in yo mind / touch the 4th realm and grasp It / these vibrations from the
Mystical Y.T./ traveled at light Speed/ Don’t forget to rewind, Please

Upon early preview his new album The Spoils of Babylon produced by Tone Beatz only builds on this. After more than 10 years honing his craft and paying his dues, All Hail Y.T. is ready for the next level.



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