A-COLD-WALL* Announces SP-1 M-65 Exhibition for London Fashion Week: Men’s

A-COLD-WALL* Announce New Exhibition for London Fashion Week: Men’s

With A-COLD-WALL* set to unveil its Fall/Winter 2020 collection in Milan this season, the Samuel Ross lead label just announced a new exhibition that will take place during London Fashion Week: Men’s. The exhibition — titled SP-1 M-65 — will feature the iconic M-65 jacket, with seven different materials used to elevate each piece.

Each jacket will be packable and have been cut, stitched and finished in London. The main concept of the exhibition is to showcase A-COLD-WALL*’s “focus on fabrication, material property, uniformity & reductive function, thus embodying the requirements of modernity.” Following the exhibition a limited number of jackets will be gifted to selected attendees.

The brand’s registration site for the project explains that it “reflects a value system built upon channels of community interaction. Inviting community with the opportunity to engage with the product, concept and process through garment and installation. Service Point 1 acts as a subtle step in reforming engagement between brand and individual — steering away from granular interaction, disproportionately focused on purchase.”

The SP-1 M-65 installation will begin with a private exhibition and collection point on January 4, before the public exhibition opens on January 5. Registration is open now via the A-COLD-WALL* site.

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