‘TENET’ Marks Chris Nolan’s Return to the Big Screen

‘TENET’ Comes to Theaters July 2020!

Honestly, I’m not too hype for this one. Although Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite filmmakers ever, this trailer worries me a bit. Starring John David Washington, TENET sees a spy punished for keeping his mouth shut. Following his murder, Washington’s character regains new life as well as a new mission. The mysterious tenet assignment seems to challenge all of what we know about what happens after we die.

Like all Nolan films, this new flick packs plenty of conceptual depth. However, from the pace and feel of its trailer, this one appears closer to a compilation of his most successful box office hits. Despite my inklings, check it out for yourself above. Who knows. Perhaps this could be his most clever idea yet…

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