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“4ÆM” Sees Grimes as a Woman on Fire

“4ÆM” Continues Grimes’ Hot Streak of Singles

Ohhh, buddy! Is anyone else keeping track of this? Canadian pop-punk star Grimes refuses to leave her album up to speculation. Despite releasing a bundle of singles so far, anticipation is still high. Her upcoming album Miss Anthropocene drops February 21st, 2020. However, behind the strength of “We Appreciate Power,” “My Name is Dark,” and now “4ÆM,” Grimes’ stock has never been higher.

“4ÆM” introduces some kind of desolate desert nightclub vibe. It’s a drum-and-bass banger fit for a queen. The sound from this track is full and lush. She matches perfectly produced sections with a razor-sharp tune. This latest single proves Grimes is at the top of her game. Peep her seemingly final promo single above, and let us know what you think. Have a good one!

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