Fresh Faces Friday: Maliq Jordan

Fresh Faces Friday: Maliq Jordan

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Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Maliq Jordan

Nowadays it seems everyone is a rapper, but not everyone has flow. Jordan Sims aka Maliq Jordan is not one of these people.

With a master flow, engaging lyrics and a vivid storytelling ability, its easy to see how the Grand Rapids, Michigan based artist’s biggest influences – A Tribe Called Quest, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Lupe Fiasco have rubbed off on him.

On The Initiative EP he starts out with a burst of energy on How It Feel:

(How does it feel) to be the illest nigga in the sickest land,

Why you ask? Cause I feel I am, I ain’t going hard just because I can I’m going for broke to a businessman,

Pay dividend, I’ll throw a band in the ceiling fan, you can tell I’ve been,

Grinding and climbing for chips I’ve been so sick but now my life getting big,

Never will quit until I see commas with no baby mama

The project offers up clever wordplay and memorable one-liners all over the place like on the Picture Me Rollin’ Freestyle: “Serving em’ like the US Open knowing that I’m doper than these hopefuls on the corner” and again on The Shout-out: “I’m a cold nigga like Django in the beginning scene, since birth my pen has been menacing” which make you rewind back just to catch what you missed the first time.

Hip hop connoisseurs everywhere raise a glass because Maliq Jordan is worth toasting.


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