Fresh Faces Friday: Josiah The Gift
Josiah The Gift by Terrance Young

Fresh Faces Friday: Josiah The Gift

Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Josiah The Gift

This week we’re taking the PATH train out to New Jersey as there’s a new kid on the block making his case for the title of king – Josiah The Gift

Josiah has been building up his arsenal since first emerging on the track Legend produced by Sassoon more than six years ago, while feeding us a steady diet of life lessons in the form of powerful rhymes, catchy cadences, and metaphors ever since, like on Giving Up off of his 2014 EP While You Wait and again more recently on Glory:

I can say I’m satisfied with my life, even though I ain’t making millions my soul has never came with a price,

it’s eloquent but a lot flaw is melted in diamonds y’all niggaz salivated,

the weight is off of my triton I sold a lot destruction on earth scales was broken as it recalibrated,

niggaz is mad I made it, came out the poverty stricken condition my building dilapidated,

well since they gentrified it the rent has sky rocketed,

aunty looking for different place to get acclimated niggaz is agitated

The latter is the lead single and video off of his upcoming debut album titled Lavish Language which Josiah is due to be gifting us soon.

With a solid early discography all that remains for the talented MC now is to step from the underground into the limelight.


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