Google Stadia Controller

Google’s Stadia Could Be a Real Game for the Video Game Industry

With the Google Stadia set to release this month in just under 3 weeks, the world is about to witness to Google’s vision for a “gaming console”. When I say “gaming console”, I’m using the term loosely because the Google Stadia, in reality, is a streaming service that will allow you to stream games that you purchase via your laptop, Television, cell phone or tablet via the internet. The possibilities are limitless, I’m just imagining being able to play NBA 2K at the airport and not the scaled-down 720p Nintendo Switch version either but a full-fledged NBA experience, no disrespect to my Switch.

With the Playstation 5 on the way next year and Sony filing for a patent to include a voice assistant in it, imagine if Google decides to bring their Google Assistant to the Stadia. Google’s machine learning and AI learning capabilities are second to none. Imagine being able to ask Google for help finding your way to the next checkpoint in that long Open World RPG game or finishing off an opponent in Mortal Kombat 11 and having Google read out the fatality button commands so if you like me haven’t memorized all of the fatalities, you can complete them without pressing pause or having a guide next to you showing the way.

Google’s expertise on the topic is unparalleled so while I’m excited to see what Sony is able to come up with next year my eyes are on my mailbox just in case my Google Stadia unit ships a little early this year.

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