Fresh Faces Friday: Paydroo

Fresh Faces Friday: Paydroo

Fresh Faces Friday: The Fresh Committee Introduces Paydroo

Displaying both attitude and aptitude over his beats, Mount Rainier, Maryland based Paydroo keeps it real instead of real dumb.

The youngin’ from the trenches is earning his stripes and respect for his freestyles as well as his 2018 EP Product of My Environment. On the second track Crooks he comes of age:

We pull capers and slang favors and stay out of the hole

On the real I know a couple niggas out of it though

They need the dough so the block is hot like a jalapeno

We in the drop, I got people looking out the peephole

He been itching to get it to take a nigga’s soul

A lot of nigga’s dying so we just playing our role, we just playing the smartest its been like this from the start

We just stay out the light, move in the dark cause nigga’s in the light they be losing their life

I ain’t trying to lose my life, I’m trying to catch me a flight

After a thorough listen to his project, one can’t help but notice his switch to a more laid back style on Pen&Pad2 on which he vows never to sell his soul before taking it back to the hood and reminiscing on #LongLiveK with a more energy-filled delivery.

With proficient production throughout, Paydroo packaged 7 tracks which are fit for regular rotation. He’s hoping to catch the right ear and make an A&R’s holiday with his next mixtape Vote For Paydroo due to drop just in time for Christmas.


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