MVMT Reveals Its First-Ever Signature Athlete Watch With Nyjah Huston.

Only six years have passed since MVMT dropped their debut collection of six watches. Today the brand celebrates the release of its first-ever signature athlete watch. The accessory maker this time around teamed up with pro skater Nyjah Huston for the collaborative offering.

The six-time Street League Skateboarding World Champion and 12-Time X Games Gold Medal winner is the first athlete with a signature watch from the California brand. MVMT invited Huston to join the family after being inspired by his perseverance this summer when he went on to win the SLS. The skater’s roots serve as a reference point for the watch: his stomping grounds are embodied in the heart of the Nyjah Edition’s design with gunmetal steel, asphalt grey leather, and an interchangeable link mesh strap. A subtle nod to his personal story comes through in symbols inspired by his own tattoos embossed on the strap.