Toya Nash is a Beast

Dallas R&B singer Toya Nash has become a recent favorite on my playlist as she uses her mezzo-Soprano voice to hit powerful notes. Nash’s single “Now What” fully captivates listeners with its intoxicating rhythm, subtle lyrics, and discordant sounds. The singer infuses her music with an undeniable soulful edge that forces listeners to get up and dance!

According to Nash “The song is really about taking your power back and moving on with abandon. It’s an anthem.” The lyricism’s sheer tenacity hits on a level that listeners of any race, creed or age group can relate to:


So funny how you loved me yesterday

But now today you playing games

Now all I did was slip yo mind

Mad because I can’t get back my time

I gotta put you in my past

Forever just don’t last


Check out Toya Nash’s dope new single “Now What” below.

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