Asuquomo Proves He’s Not Just a Dreamer, He’s a Visionary

Asuquomo is a Dreamer and a Visionary.

Asuquomo pushes the boundaries of Afrobeat/Grime as well as Afrofusion. Born Morris Ogbowu, the Nigerian artist maintains an unmistakable sound I’d describe easily as a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, In 2012 Asuquomo changed position from Nigeria to Canada’s capital, Ottawa. His flow seamlessly moves in between sonics with unprecedented ease. The production is top-notch, featuring cold sonics, chilling synths, and penetrative drums. Often painting distinct verbal visuals of his upbringing and cultural surroundings. His braggadocios take on records such as “Northside” offer the other side of his lyrical prowess. What I love about his delivery is his authenticity.

You feel the lyrics just as much as you can hear them. Often easier said than done. Each word and lyrical selection earns its way to the song. Proving his ability to cultivate impressionable songs that deliver intense emotion. Putting him on a level above his peers. Mo’s opened for major acts such as Nigerian superstar Wizkid, Toronto’s Jazz Cartier, Lido Pimienta, Zaki Ibrahim, BROCKHAMPTON and Lil Yatchy’s Label Affiliate Kodie Shane. Giving him a level of experience matched with a musical precision that makes his songs memorable and striking.

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Earlier this year, Asuquomo, during 2019’s Canadian Music Week changed from his previous stage name Morris Ogbowu. Also, he debuted the Afrofusion influenced single “WIDE AWAKE” which was paired with a short film that’s been described as a “reclaiming of the Pan-African narrative with non-verbal spells as verses and spirituals as hooks.” The visual alone serves as a cultural bridge between two worlds. The world that made him and the world he seeks to dominate. The majestic strings and slightly reverb blanketed horns set the tone instantly. That followed by afro-centric drums and potent bars make this a must-watch.

Visually it’s an experience like no other. The color grading is top-notch showcasing the stark environment of the humble southside region of Nigeria, Port Harcourt. As Asuquomo mingles with the locals and broadcasts first hand the lifestyle of the people who live there. Thus, you instantly get a sense of how comfortable he is and how enjoyable the experience is for him. You can watch the visual above for yourself.

Simply put, the potential Asuquomo possesses is boundless. Will he push through and become Canada’s next major breakout star? There’s no telling but, what can be said is this. If anyone can do it, he can.